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Coltsniper Jigs

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Quick View Coltsniper_1024x768_1_v1_m56577569830919365.png COLTSNIPER JIGS

Introducing another to add to your lure arsenal called "Coltsniper". The Coltsniper can be fished from the shoreline casting or from the boat that needs a longer cast into busting fish on surface. The slim and flashy jig creates an outstanding action under the water.

Quick View ColtsniperJerkbait_web3_v1_m56577569831024915.png COLTSNIPER JERKBAIT

With Shimano's unique Propulsion Weight Transfer System for exceptional long distance casting - allowing the internal weight to slide back during the cast, and then springing forward when the lure hits the water - Shimano introduces its new Coltsniper saltwater jerkbaits, ideal to target both calico bass in SoCal waters and stripers on the East coast.

Quick View ColtsniperSinkbait_web3_v1_m56577569831024919.png COLTSNIPER SINKING STICKBAIT

Featuring a sand eel-like slim shape design, Shimano's new Coltsniper sinking stickbaits offer exceptional casting distance from the tackle makers unique Propulsion Weight Transfer System. By allowing the internal weight to slide back during the cast, and then spring forward when the lure hits the water, anglers will notice casting distance increasing by up 22-percent over similar weight and length lures.